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Scam – Fake IRS Agent Visits Your Residence

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Is That The IRS Ringing Your Doorbell?

I recently attended a webinar and an IRS agent warned the audience of a growing popular scam. A supposedly IRS agent shows up at your residence (or place of work) and informs you that the IRS visit is to collect past taxes due. Failure to immediately remit payment is cause for arrest.

What should you do? First, stay calm and do not permit the person entry to your home. Second, you need to realize that the IRS just doesn’t show up at a taxpayer’s residence or place of business and demand payment. The IRS initially sends notices informing the taxpayer of a balance due and the next steps the IRS will take if payment is not made. If the taxpayer failed to respond to those notices, then a visit by the IRS may be warranted.

An IRS Revenue Officer (RO) may wish to discuss taxes owed or tax returns due and may do so as part of an audit examination (audit). As mentioned above, the IRS will have previously sent you notice about the audit and likely informed you of an audit meeting date. The RO could show up to confirm the audit date and to discuss with you some of the audit issues. ROs carry two forms of official credentials called an HSPD-12 card and a pocket commission. You have the right to see these credentials. As a federal employee, the IRS employee is issued an HSPD-12 card which is a photo ID that should be prominently displayed. The RO’s pocket commission is generally in a red leather folder, embossed in gold with the Internal Revenue seal, and the words “United States Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service”. In the inside you will see a photo of the employee and other details about the employee.

If you do not owe the IRS or have not received any written notices from the IRS, do not call the IRS. Instead, call (911) your local law enforcement and request that an officer immediately come to your residence. You could be an identity theft target and the IRS is working with local law enforcement authorities to protect taxpayers from these unscrupulous scammers.

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